Covid-19 Restrictions



A –   » Info note for passengers arriving or departing from Rwanda

At your departing country, only a certified rapid antigen test (< 72 hours) is needed, no more PCR test. At your arrival at Kigali International Airport, a second rapid test will be performed, at your own cost (5 $). You’ll have the result after ~15 minutes. If negative, you can proceed to your destination in Rwanda, no more quarantaine.


B –   Travel to Rwanda with Covid-19 restrictions – How to proceed?

1. Book your flight.

2. Book your stay at the hotel or guest house of your choice. If your hotel offers hotel-airport shuttle, inform them of your date and time of arrival.

3. Complete and send this » Passenger locator form. Remember the reference, you’ll need it at Kigali Airport.

4. At your arrival, after Passport and Visa control, you proceed to the Covid-19 test facility. After ~15 minutes you’ll receive an SMS and/or Email with your test result. With a negative test result (hopefully!), you are Welcome in Rwanda. Get your baggage and leave the airport building. Outside, an agent will ask you at what hotel you stay, and the correspondant driver will take care of you.

5. Enjoy your stay in Rwanda


C –   Travel home (or anywhere outside of Rwanda)

Before leaving Rwanda, you must have a negative Covid-19 rapid (antigen) test result. Airport access is only allowed with a negative test result.

» Covid-19 Testing Self-registration form


 latest update 2022-05-16