Charity Projects


Amis Luxembourgeois du Marathon de Kigali
Friends (runners & others) from Luxembourg (called A.L.M.K.) directly involved to International Peace Marathon Kigali.
From left to right :
Jean-Pierre Ernzen
Monique Mühlen
Lou Spaus
Lee Jaas
Danièle Entringer
Vic Arendt
Pierre Gricius
Josée Lorgé
Camille Schaack
Responsible for :
Promotion of the Marathon event outside Africa
Launching website & updating
Inscriptions & Logistics
Humanitarian Projets ( San Marco )
Sport & Solidarity ( Run 2 School 2006 )
Fundraizing thanx to Lycée Classique Diekirch - LCD Solidarité a.s.b.l. for construction of waterpipe at San Marco Centre
Run 4 Excellence 2007 ( School & Sport infrastructure at Kibungo )
Children Race Series sponsored by AIMS ( 1200 children received Tshirts medals running the 5k Run for Fun) and TOP 10 ranked got ASICS running shoes.
Construction of a sport field at Kibungo School
Charity 2007-2008 RUN 4 Excellence - Project

A.L.M.K. (Runners Association from Luxembourg co-organizing Kigali Peace Marathon) are launching a new project after the sucess of 2006 RUN 2 SCHOOL and RUN 4 EXCELLENCE in 2007

We are focusing on eastern part of Rwanda. In 2007 , 150 children from Kibungo, got the opportunity to visit the capital of Rwanda by training for the 5k Run. Furthermore general education and physical / sports education will be given a chance, by constructing sports infrastructure (f.e. Volleyball, Basketball, Athletics) at ECOLE des HIRONDELLES (Primary and secondary Level). We hope to achieve this project end of year 2008.


Fundraising for construction of a sports field at Kibungo School and materials for physical/sports education. Budget:

13800 Euro.-
Contact :
Pierre Gricius A.L.M.K. email: pierre.gricius 'at'
Jean-Pierre Ernzen A.L.M.K. email: jhemp.ernzen 'at'
Donation can be made to :
Founds RUN 4 Excellence c/o ALMK
- BGL BNP Paribas in Luxembourg
- LU78 0030 2920 4916 0000
- Bic/Swift code: BGLL LULL


Projects of the Rwandan Soroptimists clubs. Have your marathon sponsored for one of the projects of the Rwandan Soroptimist clubs. All clubs in Rwanda have their own projects to support the Rwandan people. The clubs can only do this with financial and moral International support. If you do want to support one of these clubs, have your marathon running being sponsored. You can contact any of the clubs.

1. Club de KIGALI

In the hills of Kanombe a Women Training Centre is being built. The sale Polyvalent is finished and will be opened in May 2008. On the terrain there is a school (finished) and a maternity will be opened in January 2008 The dormitories for girls, studios for widows and a restaurant. All being in an almost finished state. More financial support is needed for the finishing of these buildings Running water and electricity still need a lot of funds to be installed. More information to be requested to Scholastique Mukarutabana

Email: ngirabacus 'at' 2. Club Kigali Etoile

This club supports about 200 orphans that live in families near Gitarama. They also support the “Child mothers” in Kigali. A number of young girls are living with little brothers and sisters as families in a compound. If you want to contribute to these very important necessities contact.

More information to be requested to Lilianne Gashumba Email: kalilesly 'at'

3. Club Kibungo

This club has a primary school and has recently started a secondary school. More classes have to be built and computer equipment is badly needed. Your support will be of unmistakable importance. Contact : Françoise Murebwayire Email: cuwibambe 'at'

4. Club Ruhengeri

A Training centre for women is being built. More funds are needed to finish this building. As soon as the building is finished, training sessions will start for girls and women. Help them to finish their building and start training sessions. Contact Jeanine Nuwumuremyi email: jalausa 'at'

5. Club Gisenyi

A training centre for young girls is operating well. Skills as sewing and necklace making are trained. A kitchen is needed for further training in cooking. A poor village with many handicapped people is provided with gutters and tanks to harvest rainwater. There are 65 houses and provision for one house costs 500 euro. Support for this club is most welcome. Contact Marianne Mukankaka Email: marirwa 'at'

6. Club Butare

20 houses were built for widows of the Genocide by club Butare. Due to heavy rainfall, 5 of these houses are deteriorated and need to be restored. Help them to restore these houses of the widows. Contact: Candide Murekezi Email: candymureke 'at'